Top 5 Bedroom Themes to Implement in 2015

It borders around the concept of sanctity and serenity. Bedrooms get a lot of respect not only from homeowners but also from visitors. You, by any chance, did not have any visitor sneak into your bedroom, did you? Well, with your consent, you might have every reason to showcase your new room in 2015 especially when you give it a makeover following our top theme picks.

In black and white

We’re not talking about contrasts here. Instead, we’re talking about the marriage of soft colour tones. Settle with soft black, off-white, and the balance of grey. You know that there are different colour palettes that showcase this powerful combination so pick what best suits your taste. In addition, don’t forget to invest in mood lighting. It adds to the quiet and cool atmosphere in the room.


Hotel bedroom elegance

Yes, you read that right. There’s a silent movement among homeowners out there as they secretly replicate the extravagance of hotel bedrooms. But is this such a big dream? No, it’s not. While the extravagant atmosphere involves huge headboards, long curtains, floor-to-ceiling windows, and luminous lighting, you can still follow a budget when it comes to creating elegance in your bedroom.

PSOL-Willoughby-Bedrooms 3&4-After


Reclaimed by nature

You’ve heard about cottage homes, timber houses, and everything in between, but not too often when it comes to bedrooms. Well, using reclaimed earth materials like wood planks, bricks, metals, and stone will surely provide a naturalistic feel to your bedroom. Look for materials that are upcycled and invest in cosy lighting to give your bedroom a peaceful look.


Gone country

People who experienced living in the country may surely miss the atmosphere back home and may wish to relive the ambience in their bedroom. But wait; there are people who spent much of their lives in the city or other areas who also fall in love with country-inspired bedrooms. Use natural ingredients like wooden tables and rugged accessories to create a rustic haven amidst an urban environment.

PSOL-Dee Why-Bedroom-After

Into the blue

Some colours just never fade with time. In fact, they seem to create more shades than ever! Enter blue; it was originally a colour on its own but now, it has over 52 shades. Why not? Blue is a cool colour representing confidence, harmony, faithfulness, infinity, distance, and imagination. Mix the shades that you want with white to create an energised bedroom.

PSOL-Allambie Heights-Bedroom1-Before

We haven’t talked about Scandinavian, Danish, and Victorian rooms yet. But let’s save those for next time. For now, you have the rest of the year to prepare for a bedroom makeover. If you need help in creating a character in your bedroom, you can reach out to BG Property Styling. In the meantime, check the projects we completed starting with this: Willoughby.

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