Top 5 Bedroom Themes to Implement in 2015

PSOL-Allambie Heights-Bedroom1-Before

It borders around the concept of sanctity and serenity. Bedrooms get a lot of respect not only from homeowners but also from visitors. You, by any chance, did not have any visitor sneak into your bedroom, did you? Well, with your consent, you might have every reason to showcase your …

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The Top 5 Emerging Trends in Kitchens for 2015


The heart of the home – this is how we know kitchens, and they should be! Kitchens signify abundance, health, and wealth. It’s the place where the people in the house congregate to enjoy sumptuous meal, share stories, and rekindle family relationships. If a kitchen renovation is in your calendar …

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Top 5 Trends We Love in Bathrooms this Year


Bathrooms – we just don’t get tired of looking at them. Sometimes, the visual experience is stimulating that we end up considering bathroom renovation. Well, you’re probably right, but before you embark on such project, consider our top five picks for the lovely bathroom amenities of 2014. Nature and Nurture …

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Practical Property Styling Takeaways in 2014

Each year is a journey and as we approach the end of 2014, it’s the best time to look back and reflect on the year that was and share! So, from the BG Property Styling team, we’ve got our top 5 practical property styling insights. Keep it simple yet elegant …

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From Old to Sold: Updating your Tiles on Budget

There’s no question that tiles add style to a room.   But we also understand that not all sellers have the money for this additional expense.   So we have come up with three (3) inexpensive ways of updating your tiles on budget. Go from old to sold through these tips! Clean, clean, and clean …

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Green Home Staging Tips

In 2009, the Pittwater Council bestowed the Sustainability in Business Award to BG Property Styling. Today, the same award serves as the hallmark of BG Property Styling’s Four Pillars to a Property Makeover: Plan, Organise, Style, and Move. How do you do green home staging? Start with the products After …

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6 Ways to Stage a Kids Room

If you are selling your property, it could be a challenge to keep your kids room neat and clean and ready for viewing. Here are some very helpful tips on how to stage a kids room. 1. Keep the room simple. Show space and openness to the room by removing as …

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Why Taking Action NOW is Key

staged living room / lounge

Properties that are just listed on the market tend to get the most traffic. Why is this? Some say it is because the thought of a property just being listed makes people excited that they may be the first to grab a bargain or get their dream home before anyone …

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