First Impressions Last: How to Set the Right Mood for a Good Impression

The impression a prospective buyer obtained upon walking into your property is going to last a lifetime. As they say; first impressions last. It’s very important to make sure you are setting the right mood for a good first impression.  Doing this wrong may surely disconnect this prospect from the emotional aspect of buying your property.

First Impressions Last

What you want to do is connect them to the possibility of living there. Stage the property so that someone could in essence walk in and completely see themselves and their family sitting in the living room. You accomplish this by starting with these first three steps:

  • BE READY! Have a plan and have the plan completed BEFORE your open home.
  • Stage for your audience. Be sure and find out what types of people will be trying to move into your neighborhood. Stage based on demographics and keep them in mind in everything you do. This doesn’t mean go extreme, it means have a careful plan that includes many neutral factors in case you get a buyer you weren’t counting on.
  • Remove the clutter and de-personalise your property. Make it look like a fabulously decorated but livable property right out of a magazine.

First Impressions Last

First impressions truly do matter and there are many things you can do to ensure you wow anyone who walks in your front door. For more tips and help in making that first impression last the RIGHT way, sign up for the 12-day Pre-Sale Property Styling Action Plan.

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