Kitchen Renovation Tips Made Simple

Perhaps the busiest area of the home is the kitchen. Perhaps it’s the most beautiful area, too. In the North Shore and in the Northern Beaches, people are in pursuit of their dream kitchen and are in contact with BG Property Styling. What will you do if that dream is about to come true? Here are kitchen renovation tips for you.

Accessible Kitchen Triangle

The sink, the fridge, and the stove comprise your kitchen triangle. Since accessibility is key, you need to place all three in strategic locations. Make the sink the most accessible part because that’s where most activities occur.

kitchen renovation tips

Movement-Friendly Spaces

The technique is for you to create an illusion of space by using bright and neutral or contemporary colours. Add a mirror in the most conspicuous area to reflect light, and use light-coloured back-splash to brighten certain walls and corners.

kitchen renovation tips

Efficient Storage Placement

Walk around your kitchen and identify unused space, especially the corners. Design a floor-to-ceiling storage in one corner or wall so you’ll have a place for all of your kitchen materials. The rest of the areas? Settle with open cabinets or rack for both storage and display.

kitchen renovation tips

Well-Illuminated Spaces

In function with creating an illusion of space, your kitchen also needs to be illuminated. Widen your windows to capture more natural light, and install lamps using energy-efficient bulbs in high-activity areas like the counter-top and the sink.

kitchen renovation tips

Well-Ventilated Atmosphere

What good are your wide kitchen windows if you don’t open it once in a while? What good is that door if you don’t let the air come in periodically? What good is your kitchen space overall if it does not allow free air movement? Your kitchen may be small, but it doesn’t have to be damp and stinky.

kitchen renovation tips

See? If you take heed and implement the points above, you’ll be up humming your way to dinner time. If you need help, BG Property Styling is always ready. Check our services and portfolio pages to see the wonders in the transformations we’ve done. Yes, we have the vision you can trust.

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